Monster Mom CASEY ANTHONY’s friends fear she is heading to a mental ward, cracking up under the stress of being Amer­ica’s most hated woman, insiders revealed to The ENQUIRER.

Casey recently flipped out during her first ses­sions of psychological therapy, exhibiting sever­al frighteningly different personalities, add the in­siders.

People close to Casey told The ENQUIRER that she shows signs of suffering a complete ner­vous breakdown because of her isolation, her sepa­ration from her family, friends and the recent court decision that she must pay $217,000 to four Florida law enforce­ment agencies for the cost of misleading in­vestigators searching for her “missing” 2-year-old daughter Caylee Marie.

Casey has morphed into several different char­acters – a near-infant, babbling in baby talk, like she was speaking to her long-dead daughter Caylee, a volatile victim threatening to “get even” with society and a care­free party girl, according to the sources.

“She’s lived so long with lies and fantasy that now it’s catching up with her,” a source close to Anthony told The ENQUIRER. “She  doesn’t know who she is anymore.”

At times she is clear-minded and positive about her future but will suddenly switch into another of her personalities and fears the worst, added the source.

“She’s afraid to even go outside because there are people who want to kill her,” continued the source. “She’s a psychological train wreck – the only question is how far the train will fly off the tracks and if anyone can get through to her.”

Casey, 25, was the last person seen with Caylee in June 2008 and was not reported missing for a month. The tot’s remains were found in a swampy area near the Anthony family home in Orlando, Fla., on Dec. 11, 2008. Despite over­whelming circumstantial evidence, Casey was found not guilty of murder on July 5 of this year.

One possible reason for Casey’s behavior could be tied to seizures she suf­fered. Her former fiance Jesse Grund, who once described Casey as a “chameleon” that changed her personality to fit different situations, told investigators he witnessed Casey suffering a seizure.

“Her eyes popped open and she started foaming at the mouth and shaking uncontrollably,” he recalled.

“Her lips turned slightly blue. It lasted six to eight seconds.”

Casey’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony, told Dr. Phil that their daugh­ter’s seizures may have even caused the bizarre behav­ior that resulted in Caylee’s death.

“Now George and Cindy are terri­fied that Casey will completely lose touch with reality and end up in a psychiatric ward,” said the source close to Casey. “If she is committed and exposes these personality prob­lems to staff, she could end up in a straightjacket, locked up in a padded cell or even undergoing shock therapy. It’s terrifying.”

Another source who knows Casey told The ENQUIRER: “I’m not surprised that she’s losing it. From what I hear, it’s possible that her mind will shut down forever and she’ll wind up spending the rest of her life staring at a wall.

“I’d call it a tragedy – but maybe she’d just be getting what’s coming to her.”