New bombshell in defamation case alleges exonerated murder mom CASEY ANTHONY got some of the money DR. PHIL paid her parents to appear on his show.

 According to lawyers for Zenaida Gonzalez who is suing Anthony for defamation after she claimed a fictitious woman of the same name kidnapped her daughter, Casey received a portion of the  $600,000 donation made by Dr. Phil McGraw to her Cindy and George Anthony’s charity for Caylee Marie Anthony.

The money was handed over after George and Cindy were interviewed on the populare chat show last September.

But according to bombshell legal docs filed as part of a defamation suit, Gonzalez’s attorneys say that a chunk of the money went to Casey, 26.

The legal filing did not specify how much she received.

According to the Orlando Sentinel Gonzalez’s attorney Matt Morgan said in the filing, “Our sources have indicated that she has received money directly from her mother, Cindy.”

The new filing is the latest in a the discovery process between both legal teams sharing information prior to the civil trial which is docketed to begin January 2013.

Neither George and Cindy Anthony's lawyers nor Casey’s legal team have yet to comment about to the implications stated in the legal filing