In the trial of accused murder mom CASEY ANTHONY the defense rested without EVER calling her to testify.

Judge Belvin Perry addressed Anthony, 25,  asking, “Is it your decision not to testify?”

 “Yes, Your Honor,” Casey replied.

Jdge Perry then asked her to swear she was had not been forced nor pressured to arrive at that decision. Casey said yes.

Baez told the judge, “The defense rests.”

Yet, in opening statements Baez claimed that Caylee was not murdered but had accidentally drowned in the family pool.  Defense had claimed Casey’s father, George helped to cover-up her death but, none of the witnesses testified to that fact.

The prosecution will presenting their rebuttal Thursday, reported. 

The prosecution claims that Casey murdered her daughter Caylee daughter in 2008 and lied about it for months.

Anthony may face the death penalty if she is convicted of first degree murder.

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