Published on: May 14, 2013
Photography by: Getty Images Entertainment


CAROLINE KENNEDY sworn in as juror in sensational crack dealer trial in Manhattan.

The former first daughter, 55,  took the oath to serve on the trial of an alleged crack dealer in Manhattan Supreme Court.

She arrived to the Centre St. courthouse to face a flock of photogs pap snapping away in front of hall of justice.

"Come on," Caroline told the New York Daily News. "How can you be interested?"

Well for starters, she’s the niece of the former United States Attorney General – her uncle Bobby Kennedy and her dad was – d’oh – JFK.

During jury selection questioning Caroline denied being the victim of a crime yet her father was murdered nearly 50 years ago in Dallas, Texas.

But CK did ‘fess up to knowing a “few people” who’ve had drug problems in the past.

Most of ‘em Kennedys or Kennedy clan kin -- including mom & pop.