The ENQUIRER reveals Carmen Electra, prior to her engagement, visited a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for a face and body tune-up,

The 37-year-old Baywatch beauty had her breast implants replaced and underwent liposuction on her stomach, with the excess fat being transferred to her face, lips and booty, confided an insider.

"Carmen stays in great shape because she works out regularly and watches what she eats, but she’s closing in on 40 and felt she needed a little body and fender work. "

Carmen is thrilled with her new look – and feels she looks years younger," the insider revealed.

"In her younger days, she was a Playboy favorite, and she still knows her face and her body are her fortune. And if it takes a little nip and tuck to stay in demand, then so be it!"

Indeed  — as Carmen is now freshly engaged to boyfriend Rob Patterson,  former guitarist for Korn.

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