FORMER “Dual Survival” expert DAVE CANTERBURY LIED about his military background – and that’s the REAL reason he was fired from the Discovery Channel’s hit reality show!

Dave, 49, co-hosted the show for two seasons with natural­ist Cody Lundin. But he was axed by producers when they learned that he had misrepre­sented his military and civilian experience, say sources.

“The bottom line is that Dave distorted some of the facts on his resume and he got canned for it,” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “He was great on the show, but he lied – that’s why he was replaced.”

Canterbury, a factory worker at an auto plant in Ohio before he signed on to “Dual Survival,” also runs a survival training school in the Buckeye State. He came under attack for claiming 20 years of survival skills experience, including ranger, survival, scout and airborne training and service in Central America. The truth is he was only in the Army for six years and did just a single stint in Korea!

The concept of the show, which premiered in 2010, is to take two men with opposite survival skill sets – one with military training and one a natu­ralist – and see how they deal with challenging environments.

Canterbury, the military expert, and Lundin, the natu­ralist, put the ratings-winning series on the map. But when it was discovered that Can­terbury fudged his past, the producers replaced him with Joseph Teti, a veteran of gov­ernment special operations.

“Dave Canterbury is no longer a part of ‘Dual Survivor,’” Cody said. “The goal of the survival instructor is to keep people alive. In a profession where human lives are at stake, dishon­esty about one’s background and experience is an inexcusable breach of trust.”