HOLLYWOOD hottie CAMERON DIAZ is steaming mad over losing her dream home to ROSIE O’DONNELL, sources say.

The “Bad Teacher” star had her heart set on a penthouse condo in Manhattan’s trendy West Village, but Rosie plucked the place right out from under her nose for a whopping $8 million, real estate sources told The ENQUIRER.

To make matters worse, Rosie and her bride, Michelle “Shelly” Rounds, sold a unit they already owned in the same building when they heard the condo Cammy had set her heart on was for sale, says one real estate insider.

“Before Cam was able to dot the i’s and cross the t’s on a contract, Rosie swooped in with a higher offer,” added a second source.

“Rosie knew Cam had fallen in love with the place and was all set to buy it, so I’d call what she did a greedy grab.”

The former talk-show host’s new home is unit 11A in the build­ing known as 130 West 12, which used to be St. Vincent’s Hospital. The two-level, 3,200-square-foot unit has four bedrooms, three baths, a “green roof,” filtered air and water, and stunning views of the Empire State Building.

“This was to be Cam’s DREAM home, and she blames Rosie for wrecking her plans to buy it,” said a pal of the 40-year-old A-list beauty.

“Cam is beside herself, and she’s been bad-mouthing Rosie to anyone who’ll lis­ten. She’s calling Rosie a sneaky, fat, washed-up has-been who inten­tionally screwed her over because she’s jealous of her good looks and success.”