Ashley Dupre, the call girl behind the downfall of New York governor Eliot Spitzer, sued the producer of Girls Gone Wild for $10 million, claiming he exploited her image — despite the fact the producer has her consent on video.

22 year-old Ashley Alexandria Dupre claims she was under age – 17 – to enter into a legally binding contract and on a major drunk binge during spring break when she OKed to be videoed by Girls Gone Wild in Miami Beach.

The aspiring MySpace musician and ex-prosty filed a lawsuit in a Miami federal court naming Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis and  two of his companies.    The lawsuit contends Francis will use Dupre’s raunchy images to pitch DVDs and other GGW products.

Dupre shot to the top of the notoriety charts when it was revealed that she was the high-priced call girl named “Kristen” who trysted the night away with Client 93 at a swank Washington DC hotel.  Client 93, Eliot Spitzer, resigned in the scandal’s wake.

Francis then made an offer of $1 million for Dupre to appear in his series of video and withdrew the offer when he realized he already had footage of the drunken bimbo doing what drunken bimbos do best.

Francis responded angrily to the charges, “We have videotape of her giving consent.”