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Madonna just loves the attention L’affair A-Rod is getting in the media but Cynthia Rodriguez is fuming as their divorce heats up.

Reportedly, Cynthia, the estranged wife of Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez, is furious — demanding to know if Alex tapped her phone and hired a P.I. to tail her.

C-Rod also demanded records of all text messages and emails transmitted via "Palm Pilots, Treos, iPhones, Sidekick, BlackBerries," according to The NY Daily News.

Famed divorce lawyer Raoul Felder said C-Rod’s requests were a tad unusual.

"There must have been something that triggered it. You don’t do it unless you have serious suspicion of something going on," Felder told The News.

Meanwhile crosstown, Madge still denies any involvement, insisting they’re just good friends and A-Rod seemed keen on Kabbalah, the mystical Jewish art of numerology.

Mad and hubby Guy Ritchie have appeared together and their relationship seems stable, say sources.

According to The New York Post‘, Madonna and manager Guy Oseary (who also manages A-Rod) are planning on going to the All Star game at Yankee Stadium to cheer her pal on.

"Cynthia’s claims don’t bother Guy," a pal of the couple told The Post.

"He and Madonna have an unconventional marriage and are fine with it. They are not planning on divorcing."

But one person Madge is NOT happy with is her brother Chris Ciccone, – his tell-all book is getting Material Sis hot under the bustier.