Jen Aniston rocked her 41st B-day with new love Gerard Butler after having blown off apologetic, Brad Pitt, telling him defiantly, ""I don’t want you back!. It’s too late for second chances."

That’s what Jennifer Aniston had to say when her ex-husband Brad Pitt came crawling back to her, begging for a reconciliation after his recent bustup with Angelina Jolie, pals say.

But after Jen rejected him, the crushed and insecure Inglourious Basterds star had no choice but to go back to Angelina, tail between his legs, and vow to do whatever she said to make the relationship work.

"Jen had to wait five years, but she finally got her revenge for Brad’s abandonment," a close pal divulged to The ENQUIRER.

"She told Brad point-blank that she could never feel the same about him. She said she was sorry for his misery, but it was just too late to start over."

Brad and Angelina’s romance hit an all-time low when it was widely reported the once-golden couple recently met with lawyers to hash out a final division of their assets and custody of their six children.

"Brad was a mess," the pal said. "He’s devoted to those children and the only thing that kept him going was that Jen was waiting for him when he and Angie made the final split."

But his hopes crumbled during the brief and heartbreaking exchange with Jen following the Hope for Haiti Now benefit in New York on Jan. 22.

"Brad anticipated Jen taking him back in her arms and embracing the idea of picking up the pieces of their lives together. But he was dead wrong," according to the pal.

"Obviously,she couldn’t help but get some satisfaction when Brad broke down and told her he was miserable with Angie and wanted her back.

"She wasn’t as mean or malicious as she could have been – but she told him flat out that she didn’t want him back and that it was just too late for second chances."

The last thing Jen wants at this point in her life is to get Brad on the rebound, maintains the pal.
"It took her years to get over their divorce and the anguish of Brad leaving her for Angie.

"She finally feels like she’s regained her footing after working so hard to rebuild her life. She’s not about to risk it all just because Angie kicked Brad in the teeth again."

With nowhere else to turn, a stunned Brad returned to Angelina and tried to patch up their crumbling relationship, says the pal.

Angie isn’t making the reconciliation easy for Brad, says the pal.

"Now that Jen has turned him down, he feels defeated. The poor guy is like a whipped dog."

As for Jennifer, "she’s in the driver’s seat right now, and there’s no way she’s shifting into reverse."

Especially  with new hottie Gerard Butler in tow for some beach blanket bingo.