Published on: April 11, 2014

Hollywood legend BURT LANCASTER's wild nights at ROCK HUDSON's all male orgies.

Ultra-liberal Lancaster, who marched on Washington with Martin Luther King, was an outspoken proponent of equality and freedom for everyone.

During the 1950s, at the height of his action movie fame, the ripped Burt who had been an acrobat, often visited pal's Rock Hudson's home -- sometimes when there were wild all-male pool parties. 

As The ENQUIRER reported previously, movie studios may have kept Hudson's homosexuality from his fans but Hollywood insiders knew all about it.

And so did the FBI under the ever watchful eye of bureau chief J. Edgar Hoover who spied on Hudson's parties - ostensibly worried a blackmailer could control Rock to keep his gay secret, potentially undermining national security. Celebrities have access to people and places ordinary folks do not.  

According to a close Lancaster pal, Burt would have no problem going to Hudson's parties and showing off his toned physique to gay admirers and get a kick out of not letting them have him.

And to get the goat of the FBI and whoever else was watching.  Burt was powerful enough and secure enough not to care.

When asked point blank if he had participated in Rock's gay orgies, Lancaster denied it.

He told a pal: "I go to the opera too, but I don't sing."