In Planet Tab’s experience, it’s rarely a pretty sight when women fight. The hair-pulling, name-calling, screaming, scratching and rule-breaking can make even the most hardened criminals cringe. And yet, in a twisted way, it’s such great entertainment that it’s nearly impossible NOT to stare!

And that’s true even when there aren’t any Playboy centerfolds involved!

So when reigning Playboy Playmate of the Year Carmella DeCesare got into a nightclub brawl with another woman, it was a spectacle of the highest order.

DeCesare is dating Cleveland Browns quarterback Jeff Garcia, and when the happy couple ran into Garcia’s ex-girlfriend while painting the town red one night, the claws quickly came out.


Kristen Hine told police that DeCesare “launched” herself at Hine three times. And according to Hine, when she turned to leave, DeCesare kicked her in the head.

Hine promptly filed an assault charge against her love rival, and DeCesare pleaded not guilty. There’s also a temporary protective order out now, and DeCesare has retained an attorney.

And Garcia? He’s doing what any intelligent man would do–keeping his mouth shut.