Bullock Begs Boozy Lopez To Get Help

Bullock Begs Boozy Lopez To Get Help thumbnail

A badly shaken Sandra Bullock is urging her good pal George Lopez to get help for his drinking before he ends up harming himself further.

The Latino funnyman – who’s starring in the new FX comedy “Saint George” – was busted for public intoxication Feb. 27 at Caesars Windsor in Ontario, Canada, after passing out on the floor of the casino’s bar. Although George was released without being charged, Sandra – his friend for more than 14 years – is “very alarmed about his behavior right now,” said an insider.

The veteran funnyman, who admits his drinking sometimes spins out of control, is putting his health in severe jeopardy because he has a transplanted kidney.

Dr. Leslie Spry, a spokesman for the National Kidney Foundation, told The ENQUIRER: “I especially fear binge drinking for transplant patients because it could be life threatening.” Dr. Spry has not treated Lopez. Lopez, 52, also suffered public humiliation when a picture of him on the casino floor was published nationwide.

Chad Maura, who took the snap­shot, told The ENQUIRER: “It was my best birthday yet. I won money and got to see George Lopez pass out.”

The comedian, whose reported romps with hookers led to his divorce, has previously been on the outs with some of his own family and “Sandra may be the only person he’ll listen to,” revealed the source. “She has been like family to him.”

In 2005, George learned that because of a genetic disorder, one of his kidneys had deteriorated. His then-wife Ann Serrano gave one of hers to him for a transplant.

“George was given a second chance at life,” said the source, “and Sandra doesn’t want him to blow it by drinking himself into an early grave.

“She’s ready to give George some tough love.”