Need to kill a hungry wolf determined to rip your throat out = just ask Bruce Willis what to do!

The Die Hard-ingest star tells new ish of Men’s Journal how to impress chicks, what not to drink on a big night out and most importantly what every father should tell his young ‘un  his precise and lethal wolf-killing mad skills.

Willis suggests when attacked in the wild to "give the wolf your arm".

"You’ve got to lean into it, stick your arm all the way down his throat," Willis explained. "He can’t swallow it because he’s gagging on your arm.

"You reach in, you grab a handful of something – guts, the back of its throat, whatever you can hold – and pull it out.

"And try to avoid those claws while you’re doing it."

Willis insists he’s a fount of other manly post-apocalyptic information as well.

 "If I ever get out of this acting racket, I’m going to be Dr. Phil’s competition. Except I would be the alpha-dog side and tell you how to kill a wolf with your bare hands."

Yet  Dr Phil is reputed to stop an impassioned Oprah charging wildly with nothing more than a sidelong glance at 500 feet.