JUST DAYS AFTER his divorce from Demi Moore became final, Bruce Willis invited 40 strippers for an all-night sex-filled party, poured drinks over naked dancers and took two of them back to his hotel!

And that was just the beginning of a wild weeks-long binge of booze, babes and bashes for the 45-year-old action star.

Fun-loving Bruce also bedded down with a young Demi look-alike girlfriend, flew in two sexy party girls from France — and even hit on two supermarket check-out girls!

Bruce’s antics were outrageous even by Hollywood standards — and left his friends stunned.

“He can’t get enough girls — I guess it’s his way of coping with Demi divorcing him and taking up with a younger man,” a pal declared.

Bruce began his binge while shooting the movie “Bandits” with Billy Bob Thornton in Portland, Oreg.

On October 18 — the day before his divorce from Demi became final — Bruce and two friends visited the Dolphin strip club in Portland.

“Bruce spent a good deal of cash on drinks and private dances,” said a source at the club.

He also invited 40 dancers to a November 5 party he threw for the movie’s cast and crew.

And the party at Portland’s Crown Ballroom was a night to remember, said Bruce’s pal.

“It was nuts. Strippers and crew were having sex all over the place! At one point Bruce was with four strippers for his own private party.”

A Dolphin dancer disclosed: “Bruce was behaving like a tomcat in heat.

“While he was spinning records, the place erupted when he ripped off his T-shirt. He was bumping and grinding with four or five girls who were all crammed into the deejay booth with him.”

Said an eyewitness: “Bruce was wild. He was pouring booze on naked strippers lying on the bar.

“When a bartender went to get some straws from a storage room, he opened the door and found several couples having sex!”

In the midst of the melee, Bruce got up onstage and sang wildly.

Nude dancer Michelle Miller said: “When Bruce was performing some of the girls were obviously turned on. There were lots of girls flashing their breasts.”

The party didn’t end until 6 a.m.

A Crown Ballroom source said: “We booked an 8-hour event that took us four days to clean up!”

The Dolphin dancer added: “After the party me and a girlfriend stayed with Bruce at a private cabin. We had a great time together.”

During Bruce’s stay in Portland, Demi paid a visit and brought along the couple’s three girls. Demi stayed at the same hotel as Bruce, but in a separate room.

Then Bruce moved south to continue filming in Bodega Bay, Calif., and flew in his new girlfriend Emily, a young Demi look-alike model, to stay with him at the Bodega Bay Lodge & Spa.

On Thursday, December 7, Bruce took Emily to a second wild crew party at the Flamingo Resort Hotel in Santa Rosa.

And Bruce — who had a drinking problem years ago — “was drinking like a fish,” said a guest. “He was getting pretty hammered.

“He leapt onstage to join the band, doing vocal and harmonica solos.”

Although he had Emily at his side in Bodega Bay, Bruce still hit on two check-out girls from the local Safeway supermarket — Jenny Sampson, 23, and Nicole McConnico, 19 — who were invited to the set by a crew member.

“Bruce was flirting with us all day,” Jenny told The ENQUIRER.

“He couldn’t take his eyes off me. He told me, ‘A girl who looks like you shouldn’t just be a checker in a supermarket.’

“But Bruce is too old for me. And Nicole was more interested in one of the younger crew members.

“We did go to the party at the Flamingo Hotel, but we both turned down an offer to party with Bruce.”

When the movie crew moved some 50 miles south to Half Moon Bay, Bruce was ready to party again.

He had two French girls flown in to join him at the posh Beach House on December 12, said another friend.

“He had met one girl, 19-year-old Moroccan-born Widad Fehmi, when he visited Paris for the opening of a Planet Hollywood.

“They must have hit it off pretty good, because he sent her a first-class ticket to fly in and told her she could bring a girlfriend.”

Widad told The ENQUIRER: “Bruce and I had lots of fun in the bedroom. He really loves the feel of my tongue stud.”

While Bruce was working on the set, Widad and her friend Vanessa went shopping with his credit card.

“He told me to buy beautiful lingerie,” continued Widad. “Vanessa and I spent thousands of dollars.

“That night I modeled everything I bought for him. And he was not disappointed.

“Bruce and I did not use contraception. But if I become pregnant by him it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world!”