FRAZZLED by never-ending battles with his demanding diva wife Kris, BRUCE JENNER finally snapped!

The normally low-key Kardashi­an family patriarch went ballistic on some photographers, showering them with obscenities – and then he called the cops.

“He was like a wild man!” an eye­witness to Jenner’s meltdown told The ENQUIRER.

But sources close to the reality TV clan say it was actually the stress of his mari­tal life that pushed him over the edge. Bruce and Kris’ latest fight is over his Malibu beach house rental, which he refuses to give up even though she has ordered him to return to the family mansion in Hidden Hills.

And now, add insiders, their bitter di­vorce battle is really heating up!

As The ENQUIRER has reported, Bruce, 63, and Kris, 57, have been at odds since she was recently caught planting a kiss on her hairdresser of 30 years.

They’ve also clashed over her relation­ships with former lover Todd Waterman, and her hunky trainer Gunnar Peterson.

Both Bruce and Kris are talking with lawyers, and with their $180 million fortune at stake, sources say the pressure has been pushing Bruce closer and closer to the edge.

“While Kris is do­ing her best to keep the lid on their failing marriage, Bruce can’t keep it quiet,” said an insider. “The pres­sure’s too great for him, and it’s really beginning to show.”

Bruce took refuge in the beach house after new mom Kim Kardashian, her baby daddy Kanye West and their newborn daughter North moved into the family man­sion.

KRIS, WHO’S LAUNCHING A new daytime talk show, denies they are getting divorced and is trying to do damage con­trol. But Bruce is said to be so stressed, any little thing can set him off.

And that’s apparently what happened on June 27, when Bruce confronted the photogs.

“He leaped out of the car and started screaming, ‘Get out of here! Stop following my fam­ily! I’ve had enough! I’m sick of this!’” said the eyewitness.

“His language was awful, and just before he got back in the car, he made an obscene gesture.”

After that, Bruce stopped at a Starbucks and called police, said the source. But there was nothing they could do because the photographers weren’t doing anything illegal.

“It’s ironic that Bruce acted up like this when he and his family have made a fortune from being in front of cameras. He’s obviously under a lot of pressure,” said the source, “but he needs to get his life, and his temper, under control – and fast.”