RATTLED by several cancer scares, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star BRUCE JENNER is terrified he’s doomed to die of the disease.

The 63-year-old Olympic gold medal hero suffered through a bout of skin cancer in 2012, and earlier this year he and wife Kris feared he had a malignant brain tumor.

Now, a new brush with the dreaded ailment has convinced a tearful Bruce that it will end his life.

Just a few weeks ago, the family patriarch had such a big chunk of tissue removed from his nose that it required 30 stitches. The next day he was photographed getting a cup of coffee with a huge bandage covering the wound.

After the operation, a family source disclosed: “Bruce broke down and cried to Kris that he thinks a cancer is going to take him out in the next few years.

“He’s constantly checking his body for lumps, bumps, strange growths and skin discolorations. Just recently, he raced to his doctor after he spotted a new dark spot on his arm.

“He’d convinced himself it was another bout of skin cancer, but the doctor said it was nothing but an age spot.”

Last year started out with a big scare for the decathlon champ when he had skin cancer surgery on his face and wound up losing a chunk of his right cheek.

And on a June episode of “KUWTK,” Bruce went to a doctor to get his hearing checked. He and Kris – a cigarette smoker who also lives in fear of the disease – fretted that he had brain cancer. Fortunately, an MRI ruled that out.

But even though doctors have advised Bruce to avoid sun to reduce his risk of getting more skin cancer, a source revealed: “He’s on the golf course in the blazing sun several days a week. And he insisted on spending this past summer at the beach in Malibu.”