Brooke Shields desperately wants a “Pretty Baby” of her own and she’s working on getting pregnant right now!

The 36-year-old actress is so excited to have a child that she’s told pals that if it doesn’t happen the natural way, she’s prepared to have a baby with the help of medical science.

“Brooke really wants to be a mom badly, and feels her biological clock is ticking,” an insider disclosed.

“She told pals she wants to have a child in 2002.

“Since she married Chris Henchy, she’s been madly in love and they’ve been trying to conceive the natural way.

“But she’s discussed with Chris that if she can’t conceive, she’s willing to get pregnant with the help of medical science.

“Chris is 100 percent behind her, and wants to be a daddy as much as she wants to be a mother.

“He’s been making regular trips to New York, where Brooke has been appearing in the Broadway revival of ‘Cabaret,’ to see Brooke to continue their efforts to get pregnant even though his base of operation is on the West Coast.

“And Brooke made plans to return to the West Coast after her theater run is completed.”

Last May 26, Brooke went through a “second” wedding to Chris, a 37-year-old sitcom writer and producer. In front of 75 relatives and friends, the couple exchanged vows at a family friend’s oceanfront estate in Palm Beach, Fla.

Eight weeks earlier, the couple had first exchanged wedding vows in a secret ceremony on Catalina Island off the California coast. Photos of the surprise nuptials appeared exclusively in The ENQUIRER.

Chris, a producer for “Spin City,” fell in love with Brooke after her two-year childless marriage to tennis star Andre Agassi ended in 1999.

And while Brooke found love and marriage with Chris, she was surprised when Agassi, 31, and his partner of two years, tennis star Steffi Graf, 32, confirmed last July that they had made a love match and were expecting a baby.

Brooke got another big surprise when Agassi and Graf were married in a private ceremony by a Las Vegas judge on October 22.

“Without question, the news that Andre had gotten Steffi pregnant shocked Brooke and threw her for a loop,” a friend revealed. “It hit her hard.”

Another source added: “Brooke has wanted to have a child for a long, long time. Even before she got married to Andre she wanted to have a whole bunch of kids.

“But things never worked out the way Brooke and Andre wanted. She got fed up with him being on the road playing tennis all the time.

“She told a pal, ‘I didn’t want to be in the position of staying home raising the kids while my husband was all over the globe.’

“So before Brooke married Chris, she made sure that, number one, he wanted to be a parent as much as she did, and number two, that he’d be a full-time dad.

“When he assured her he wanted to be a dad, that was all she needed to hear!”