Brittany Murphy‘s sudden death at 32 came as no surprise to insiders familiar with the Clueless star’s descent into a drug-fueled demise.

The NY Post reports a Hollywood insider revealed that Brittany’s substance abuse and oddball behavior had sadly become part of the troubled thesp’s resume.

Her death "wasn’t a surprise" at all, the source told the NY tab. "I’m not psychic, and I could have predicted it."

One Hollywood exec told The Daily Beast that Murphy’s hard-partying reputation was more than similar to Lindsay Lohan.

"This is like Lindsay Lohan dying," the Tinsel Town exec revealed. "It really doesn’t come, unfortunately, as a shock."

A makeup artist who worked with the once promising starlet said Brittany dabbled in both cocaine and heroin with a reputed eating disorder that left her emaciated.

"She had too many drugs and too little food," the makeup artist stated.

The LA County Coroner completed first part of the autopsy which will not be released until the toxicology reports come back in about 3-4 weeks.

Although her family said she suffered flu-like symptoms before collapsing, there was also "large amounts of prescription medication" on her bedroom nightstand — and empty med bottles in the names of her husband, mother "and unidentified third-party names."

Among the mystery prescriptions included anti-seizure drugs, an anti-inflammatory, Prozac, anti-anxiety meds, antibiotic and painkillers Vicobrofen and Hydrocodone.