Britney Spears‘ video for her new single, “Gimme More,” was leaked on the web but quickly pulled off due to a copyright claim by Sony BMG. The video will premiere Monday on MTV’s TRL. In the video, Britney is seen wearing a blonde wig, sitting at a bar with friends. Blonde Britney looks across the club and sees a pole dancer — that’s also Britney, wearing a brunette wig!

Despite her current personal problem, her professional team is backing her up. Her record label, Jive, released a statement saying they are “confident that it will secure her reputation as one of the great recording artists of her time. As Britney’s label, it’s not our place to comment on her personal issues, but we do care about her and support her… Britney’s a grown woman who makes her own choices, and we respect that. But she faces challenges that most of us can’t really imagine.”

Dr. Phil McGraw devoted the entire hour of his daytime talk show to the troubled pop star on Thursday, Oct. 4. Dr. Phil believes Spears should be on suicide watch and may need to be committed involuntarily to a mental hospital.

“I do think she is a suicide risk,” Dr. Phil lamented. “If you are addicted to drugs, if you are addicted to alcohol — I don’t know if she is, but there is a lot of indications that she may have that problem — then I’m not sure she could trust herself to think through this in a reasonable way.”

Dr. Phil, who does not treat Britney but has offered his assistance, said, “Right now, I believe Britney is so out of control she probably couldn’t stop this if she wanted to. I think in her heart and soul she is a loving and caring mother. But with a toxic brain, sometimes it is hard to do the reasoning. Maybe she needs to be involuntarily committed, she is not displaying good judgment.”

He added, “This is a frightening situation to me, probably like it is to a lot of you and a lot of people that love Britney. It’s frightening because we are watching somebody unravel, and nothing is happening to stop it.”

In other Britney news, her former bodyguard, Tony Barretto, made a “child abuse referral” the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services on Thursday. “The referral asks for an investigation into Britney Spears and her behavior with her two young children,” his lawyer Gloria Allred said in a statement. DCFS would not comment on the situation.