Britney Spears found out she was pregnant before going on her honeymoon, say sources, but she kept it a secret from her mother and the rest of her family–even from her new husband Kevin Federline!

“When Britney found out she was finally pregnant, she was so anxious about Kevin’s reaction that she waited until they were away from everyone before she broke the news to him,” a source close to the couple told The ENQUIRER. “She waited until they were in Fiji on their honeymoon to tell him.

“From the moment she fell in love with Kevin, she wanted to have his baby. But Kevin told Britney he was reluctant to start a family immediately. He already had two children and his son was just born in July.

“Afraid of how Kevin might react, Britney kept her news a secret from him. She was bursting to tell him but she waited until just the right moment, in just the right setting, to let him in on her secret.”


Settled in on the romantic island of Fiji, the 22-year-old star finally told Kevin, 26, that he was going to be a dad again, said a source.

“Even though Kevin wanted to wait to have more children, he was very excited,” said the close source. “He told Britney he wasn’t going to tell anyone in his family before she had a chance to tell her family.

“In conversations with family back home, neither Kevin nor Britney gave away a thing. It was their private time and their secret.

“Being in Fiji with Kevin and knowing she was carrying his child, Britney was as happy as she has ever been in her life.”

Britney and Kevin returned to L.A. on October 27 and “the first thing Britney did when she arrived back in California was break the news to her mother and father,” the source disclosed. “But her mother was upset that Britney was pregnant so soon after the wedding. She wanted Britney to wait to start a family until she and Kevin had been married for a while.

“Britney was upset that her mom wasn’t overjoyed by her baby news. Between her hormones raging and her mom’s disappointment, poor Britney has been crying a lot. She just can’t help it.

“She’s very sensitive about everything–which is not at all unusual for the first trimester of pregnancy.”


After their return from Fiji, Britney and Kevin also had their first big argument–a jealous spat about each other’s former loves.

Kevin’s ex Shar Jackson, the mother of his two children, kept calling Kevin after the wedding–even while he and Britney were on their honeymoon in Fiji, said the source.

“It really got under Britney’s skin. Shar used the excuse of wanting to talk with Kevin about their kids, even wanting Kevin to talk to their baby on the phone.

“Britney told Kevin, ‘Why are you talking to the baby? The baby can’t talk over the phone!’ It was clear that Britney was jealous and it didn’t help that she was pregnant. She’s very edgy and breaks down in tears easily.”


When Britney gave Kevin a hard time about Shar, it set off Kevin–who had been harboring feelings of jealousy over Britney’s ex-love Justin Timberlake, the source told The ENQUIRER.

“Just before the wedding, Kevin was moving Britney’s things to their new home when he found a box of old love letters from Justin. He confronted Britney. She said she would throw them away. But when the couple returned from their honeymoon, Kevin found the box of letters hidden in a closet!”

An insider revealed: “Kevin was really angry, and they had their first newlywed argument in front of their friends.

“Soon they began screaming at each other.

“Britney swears that her reason for keeping the letters is innocent and that she now considers Justin just a friend. And a few days after the argument, Britney told Kevin that Justin’s letters were gone for good. She had disposed of them.”


When contacted by The ENQUIRER, Britney’s representative denied Britney’s pregnancy and any emotional outbursts or fights involving Britney.

Now Britney and Kevin are settling into their new $6.9 million Malibu home, and she’s been spending her time decorating–especially the nursery.

“Britney’s found accessories for the nursery that she just adores,” the close source added. “Decorating for a baby has brought her a lot of joy–in between the crying jags.”