Britney Spears was out and about on Wednesday night doing some shopping. After having dinner with her boyfriend, photographer Adnan Ghalib, the pop wreck visited a supermarket and Kitson clothing store. As usual, the paparazzi was following Brit and chaos ensued.

L.A. police say they stopped Britney, who was driving a white Mercedes, interviewed and released her after verifying her driver’s license. But four photographers in the cars chasing her weren’t so lucky. They were booked for investigation of reckless driving.

On Thursday, Britney’s friend Sam Lufti called into Ryan Seacrest‘s KIIS-FM morning show. Sam told Ryan that Britney’s "retail therapy" shopping spree was inspired by "boredom" and "a lack of new digs." Sam also said that despite media reports, Britney was "definitely not topless" while trying on clothes at Kitson.

As for the photos of Britney and Adnan looking at pregnancy tests in Rite Aid on Tuesday, Sam claimed, "I don’t even know what the hell that was. I don’t know if they even bought one… I think they were just [bleeping] around."

Sam said Britney did not think she was pregnant, nor did she want to get pregnant.

Meanwhile, Britney herself could be heard in the background. When Sam went to Brit’s room she shouted, "Get out, I’m naked, get out!" Britney said she was going to shower. "I stink, ’cause I’m a human being. Shut the door, I’m nasty," she said.