BRITNEY SPEARS has put mother­hood on the back burner as she juggles her new TV career and her love life.

In fact, a source says that she’s spent so little time with sons Sean, 7, and Jayden, 6, recently that when they see her on TV, they call her “Britney” instead of “Mommy”!

The 30-year-old pop princess had a whirlwind summer jetting around the country to film auditions for her first sea­son on “The X Factor,” which premiered Sept. 12.

But instead of seeing her kids during her downtime, Britney has been enjoying romantic dinners and weekend getaways with her fiancé, Jason Trawick, a close source revealed.

“It’s as if she’s tired of being a mom because she’s so caught up in her new­found TV stardom,” the source explained. “She’s losing touch with those kids.”

The star’s ex-husband, Kevin Federline, has full custody, while Britney is entitled to visitation several times a week.

“But Britney has been turning down her scheduled visits,” the source con­tinued. “She says she’s too tired or too stressed. It’s shameful!”

According to the source, the last time Britney saw Sean and Jayden was in mid- July.

“The boys had hoped to see her before they started school, but that didn’t hap­pen,” said the source. “Instead, Jason arranged for Britney’s mom, Lynne, to take them to the beach for the day.

“These days, Britney’s kids are more comfortable being around their Grandma Lynne than they are with Britney. Lynne has taken on the role of mommy for the boys.

“Britney likes her new life with Jason,” the source added. “She seems to be forgetting what’s really important.”