Bombshell World Exclusive details of Britney’s darkest secrets and her panic over the theft!

Britney Spears’ secret diaries have been stolen – and the singer has flown into a panic because they contain all the never-before-revealed details of the downward spiral that crash-landed her in a mental ward.

The 27-year-old pop star – who is set to write her memoirs – is missing crucial handwritten journals and video diaries that disappeared from her Beverly Hills home, say sources.

The singer, still under the court-ordered guardianship of her father, Jamie, is hammering out a spectacular $14 million deal to pen several books over the next 10 years – all drawn from her diaries.

But far more important than the money, say insiders, is Britney’s urgent need to get her side of the story – in her own words – on paper so her beloved sons Sean, 3, and Jayden, 2, can later understand the forces that both drove and tormented their mother.

"Britney is in a panic over the stolen journals and video interviews done during some of the darkest days of her life," revealed an insider. "She wants desperately to tell her side for her boys.

"She wants them to know the truth – her truth."

In preparation, Britney disclosed startling details of her most trying times, drawing on her personal recollection for her diary confessional.

Now, The ENQUIRER exclusively reveals a fascinating and disturbing sneak preview of what sources say the Britney chronicles will reveal – including: the voices she still hears in her head, her heartbreaking abortion, the shocking reason she shaved her head, her threats to kill her children and much more.

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