Britney Spears was taken to UCLA Medical Center early Thursday morning for a psychiatric evaluation. Britney was transported by ambulance from her home in Studio City around 1 am/PT, escorted by more than a dozen police officers. Her mother Lynne, followed behind in a car with Brit’s boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, according to TMZ.

Britney is expected to be held on a 72-hour emergency hold, known as a 5150. Her stay could be extended if necessary. According to reports, Britney went to the hospital willingly at the request of her new psychiatrist.

The trip to the hospital was reportedly planned and coordinated with cops and paramedics in an effort to prevent another media storm similar to Britney’s last hospitalization on Jan. 3.

According to the L.A. Times, the operation had been carefully planned over a period of time and vehicles were blocked from following the same route as the ambulance.

Meanwhile, there’s tension brewing between Sam Lufti, Brit’s friend/manager and Brit’s mom. “Her mother is not someone who cares about her daughter, she’s only concerned with herself. Sad but true. She was too busy getting a manicure to come over yesterday, despite her daughters (sic) pleas. Sad, very sad,” Lufti tells Access Hollywood via text message.

According to reports, Lufti and Britney’s parents are at odds about the singer’s medical care. Britney’s lawyer, Michael Flanagan, tells Entertainment Tonight, “The family would like to take Britney back to Louisiana for a while.” A spokesperson for the Spears family had no comment.