Britney Spears has shocked close friends and family: She’s back together with bad-boy ex Adnan Ghalib!

And she’s refusing to listen to anyone about the damage the renewed relationship could do to her career and personal life.

Britney’s dad Jamie, who was appointed Brit’s conservator by the courts, has banned Adnan, 36, from getting close to Britney and is even considering getting a restraining order to keep the two apart. But Britney is secretly communicating with the celebrity photographer behind her dad’s back, sources tell The ENQUIRER.

"Britney and Adnan are constantly on the phone or text messaging each other," the source divulged.

"Britney gets excited when he calls or texts because he lavishes her with compliments.
"Adnan searches the Internet for photos of her and then calls and comments on her outfits and her hair, and she loves it."

"She also wears the promise ring he gave her when they were dating,"  the insider said..

Since dad Jamie’s conservatorship of Britney has been extended indefinitely, he’s made it clear  if Britney pursues the relationship with Adnan, he’ll nip it in the bud – but good.

Jamie has enlisted Britney’s lawyers to try to convince Britney that Adnan was using her to make money for himself – and that he’ll do it again. Her family has warned her that Adnan would be a negative influence on her sons, Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 2. And those close to her are particularly worried that another fling with Adnan could derail Britney’s career comeback.

The troubled pop princess is scheduled to release her new album, Circus, on Dec. 2 – her 27th birthday – followed by a world tour in 2009.

Brit’s mom Lynne has been hoping that Britney will reunite with ex-husband Kevin Federline. As The ENQUIRER previously reported, Britney and Kevin have been talking to a counselor about the possibility of becoming a family again.

But Britney’s latest antics with Adnan have left Kevin confused, says the source.

"Kevin is clear about one thing, though," added the source. "If Britney goes to Adnan, she will never get back custody of the kids, and she can forget about ever taking them traveling with her."