Britney Spears needs lover, picks up male modeling catalog and gets busy….

According to NY Daily News, Britney Spears was in between lovers and started flipping through male modeling catalogs when a pic caught her eye.

According to a source, the Circus singer liked what she saw in hunky Ford agency male model
Bekim Trenova who’d recently split with Victoria Secret model Rose Hungtington-Whiteley.

Her entourage promptly invited the 6 foot Adonis to audition for a "music video".

"When he got there, there was no camera crew," the source said.

"There was just Britney. She was looking sexy. She made it pretty clear that she was less interested in hiring him than in dating him."

But Bekim found the whole thing "weird" and made a polite but excuse ridden escape.

Brit’s rep, natch, has denied the story as "completely false" but Trenova with a twinkle in his eye, laughed  "no comment".