SARAH PALIN is furious that daughter BRISTOL is trying to outshine her by getting her OWN reality show – and the rivalry between the women has NOW escalated into a full-blown family war.

The teen advocate was such a phenomenal success on Dancing with the Stars that producers have been clamoring to sign her to a multi-million-dollar deal for a new reality series, says a family pal.

Bristol has also been offered a book deal and the chance to be spokeswoman for a clothing company.

But instead of congratulating Bristol, Sarah is "mad as hell," said the pal.

"As she maneuvers toward a run for the presidency in 2012, Sarah wants her whole family behind her. She doesn’t want Bristol out front competing for attention."

Not only is Sarah afraid that Bristol will steal the limelight, she’s terrified that her young daughter – whose pregnancy rocked Sarah’s bid for the vice presidency two years ago – will embarrass her publicly again.

According to the friend, the two women recently got into a heated argument in which Sarah screamed at Bristol: "You owe me! You cost me the election in 2008 by getting pregnant!"

Then, the friend says Bristol said the one thing she KNEW would get under her mother’s skin: "People like me more than they like you!"

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