“Some WEIRD sh*t is happening in this house!” Breaking Amish gang makes like Scooby Doo as they freak out in seeming possessed house of horror.


The Breaking Amish gang lived a conservative lifestyle before moving to Los Angeles and when they make a frightening discovery of what they think is “witchcraft” in their home, everyone is terrified.


In this sneak peek of the upcoming episode of the hit TLC reality show, the group finds their living room lit up with dozens of candles in a deliberate, and to them, a very frightening pattern.


“This is creepy,” Iva says about the burning flames in their house.

 “She was talking about this devil bullsh*t,” Andrew claims, saying it was housemate Betsy that set up the candles.

“It freaks me the f**k out. I got the chills.  Some weird sh*t is happening in this house.”

He says he had been listening to Betsy talking about the Devil, but now he is afraid. “I don’t know what to do — I’m scared sh*tless, man.”

“Reality” — ooooooooooo spooky!