New developments in the CASEY ANTHONY defamation imbroglio.

ZENAIDA GONZALES, the woman suing exonerated murder mom Casey Anthony for defamation, was arrested Friday in Orange County, Florida for selling alcohol to a minor.

Cops contend Gonzalez, 41, who works at a Circle K convenience store, sold a 23.5-ounce can of Four Loko malt liquor — priced at $2.98 — to a teen who was actually working undercover in a sting operation.

One of the many tales Casey Anthony told about her missing daughter Caylee, before the little girl's body was found, was that her nanny Zenaida Gonzalez had disappeared with her.

There was no such nanny, but a woman with that same name later claimed that Anthony had ruined her life and sued her for defamation reported.

Gonzalez was released Saturday from the Orange County Jail after posting $250 bail. She faces one charge of selling or giving liquor to someone younger than 21.

Zenaida’s lawsuit against Anthony continues – seemingly unabated.