Ailing actor Michael J. Fox plans to stage a courageous TV comeback by appearing on the show Boston Legal.

Sources told The National Enquirer that brave Michael wants to return to the small screen even though his Parkinson’s disease could be getting worse.

The source said: “Acting is exhausting work for him, but he feels he owes it to his fans to show the world that Parkinson’s won’t keep him down.”

Michael, 44, will make his triumphant return to television by playing a businessman with lung cancer who gets sued after he rigs a clinical trial to obtain drugs. His character will also get involved with sexy Julie Bowen, who plays Denise Bauer.

Michael was last seen on TV in 2000 as the spunky mayoral aide on Spin City. But except for a few brief appearances in the last couple of years, he has mainly devoted himself to raising money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and spending time with his four kids.

Friends said they were shocked Michael wanted to return to acting because of how weak and tired he looked at a recent Emmy awards event.

A source said: “Michael did not look good, and there’s been worry about the progression of the disease. But he’s not the type to sit around, wondering, ‘Why me?’ That’s not him.”

Experts say Parkinson’s weakens brain cells, causing shaking and even death. Sources added that Michael, who was told he had the disease in 1991, was convinced to act by his wife, Tracy Pollan.

One source said: “Tracy thinks more, not less, acting work could help him deal with his Parkinson’s. She doesn’t want him to give up hope.”