Brangie: Here Comes The Bride … And Gloom!

Brangie: Here Comes The Bride … And Gloom! thumbnail

BRAD PITT and Angelina Jolie have finally decided to wed this summer, but their decision has triggered a brand-new bridal brouhaha – over where to tie the knot.

Director Guy Ritchie has offered his longtime buddy Brad the use of his massive English estate – but a determined Angie wants them to take their vows at their own sprawling French estate, say insiders.

Pitt, 50, and Jolie, 38, have been together for nine years and are raising six children, but despite getting engaged back in April 2012, they’ve been slow in heading to the altar because of their hectic schedules.

They want to wed this summer be­fore their kids get much older,” disclosed a friend.

“Brad’s been excited about an English wedding for a while now. He’s practically lived there the past two years shooting ‘World War Z’ and the upcoming ‘Fury.’

“When Brad men­tioned that Angelina had gotten serious about getting mar­ried this summer, Guy said they can have the wedding at his historic estate and he won’t take no for an answer.

“Brad is very impressed with the Ritchie property, all rolling hills in the English countryside, teeming with wildlife, plus a magnificent home.”

But when Brad sprung the news on his bride-to be, she instructed him to tell Ritchie “thanks but no thanks!” according to an insider. Angelina has long dreamed of ex­changing vows at the couple’s 1,000-acre Chateau Miraval estate in southern

 France, and is willing to cut through red tape that would allow her and Brad – non-French citizens – to wed in the country.

“But Brad fears their French home is too well-known and too accessible for gawkers who would want a peek at their wedding day,” said the friend.

Despite that, the actress has remained steadfast that their wedding can come off at their French location without a hitch.

“Angie believes they can shore up security so their wedding can be a wonderful, private affair,” said the friend.

“She believes it’s really important for their children to witness their wedding day at a place they know as home, not as guests at Guy Ritchie’s house.”

Angelina also believes she can be a better hostess on her home turf. Chateau Miraval contains a working winery that has produced critically acclaimed wines.

“Angelina loves the thought of serving their wedding guests their world-class wine made right there on the grounds of their home,” said the friend.

The stunning star will likely get her wish, confide sources.

“She knows Brad well,” said the friend, “and she’s confident he’s going to come around to her way of thinking.”