When “Moesha” star Brandy went into labor, she didn’t dread the pain — she was absolutely thrilled!

The 23-year-old entertainer was rushed to a Tarzana hospital on June 16 and delivered her daughter Sy’rai at 6:08 p.m. in a party atmosphere, surrounded by jubilant family and friends.

“When Brandy started labor, she was thrilled and said, ‘Hey guys, this is it! This is it! Let’s go!'” revealed a family friend. “Everybody jumped up and went with her to the hospital.

“Brandy’s husband Robert Smith, her parents and a couple of friends were all giggling with excitement and couldn’t get to the hospital fast enough.”

Revealed an eyewitness: “Brandy was immediately put in a birthing room where everyone could stay with her, instead of waiting in a separate room for hours.

“When the baby finally arrived, she weighed 6 pounds, 6 ounces. Brandy and her mom Sonja began to cry uncontrollably as the nurse handed the tiny baby to Brandy for the first time.”

The stork’s arrival also marked the rebirth of a wonderful closeness between the radiant performer and her mom, revealed the family friend.

“Brandy and Sonja have had their problems over the past three years, but they were able to overcome it all and now they are closer than ever.

“For a while, Brandy was in a bad space and admitted she had a nervous breakdown. She wasn’t eating so she could stay skinny, and she allowed a boyfriend to mistreat her.

“It all came to a head on the set of her hit show ‘Moesha’ when she says she pulled a diva move and stormed off.

“Now all of the bad stuff is behind Brandy. She vows to work hard to be the best mom she can be — like her mother has been to her.

“Brandy says her little girl will not use bottles because she is always going to nurse Sy’rai and will take her wherever she goes.

“‘I’m going to be a hands-on mother,’ she says.

“Professionally, Brandy has gotten herself together, too.

“She just released an album, ‘Full Moon,’ basically describing what she has been through the past three years, and says it was very cleansing for her to get it out.

“Thank goodness all of this came together just in time so everybody can love this little baby girl together.

“Brandy is back and better than ever.”