Once a fame whore – ALWAYS a fame whore. BRANDI GLANVILLE  admits ALL her fighting and DRAH-MA is a fake to boost ratings.  

The Real Housewives of Bevery Hills “star” admitted to her co-stars that all of the fighting and drama she is involved with on the Bravo reality-TV show is all faked purely to get ratings.

"Brandi has actually told Kyle, Kim and Lisa that the fighting she is involved with on the show is a farce and that 99% of what she says and does is acting. Brandi is very proud of the fact that she has catapulted to stardom on the show because of her outrageous antics," a source close to the situation told

"Brandi doesn't behave like that when cameras aren't around, and it's a shame that she feels she must do that to get attention to set herself apart from the other ladies.

“On the show, Brandi swears and immediately goes for the jugular in fights with Adrienne Maloof. Brandi is actually very level headed and intelligent in real life and doesn't swear like a sailor," the show indsider added.

Meanwhile, her on-going WAR with LeAnne Rimes and ex-hubby Eddie Cibrian is supposedly “legit”.