The Wife of former “Brady Bunch” star Barry Williams has filed for divorce and has made a shocking demand – that Williams be allowed to visit their 2-year-old son only in the presence of the child’s nanny. Despite that bombshell demand, Barry and wife Eila, who have been married for six years, are still living under the same roof. “It’s an awkward situation,” a pal of the 50-year-old former child star told The Enquirer. “The marriage is over. Things aren’t real comfortable between them – but they’re trying to sort things out so they can reach a quick settlement.” Eila’s insistence in her divorce papers that a nanny be present whenever Barry sees their son Brandon has raised eyebrows in Hollywood. “It’s got everyone wondering what’s going on,” confided an insider who’s worked with Williams. “Why doesn’t the wife trust Barry to be alone with their son?” Disclosed his pal: “Barry is not happy with the divorce suit’s demand that he be chaperoned when he’s with his son.


“He confessed his problems with gambling and liquor, and in 1993 his first marriage ended in divorce. But no such troubles are present in his second marriage.” Eila and Barry met in Sonora Bay, Mexico, where both happened to be vacationing, and they wed in 2000 with great expectations. “Barry’s brokenhearted,” revealed the pal. “He really thought this marriage would last forever. Now Barry’s making plans to move out.” Barry’s agent Anthony Anzaido told The Enquirer Eila’s demand that a nanny be present when Barry is with their son “means nothing” – that it is just a negotiating ploy and any speculation of abuse is unfounded. “At the moment all three are still living under the same roof, and Barry and Eila are raising their son together. “Whatever is being said about Barry returning to his old ways (drinking or gambling) – or even something worse – is totally untrue. “Barry is a great father and loves his son very much. “The nanny thing is just a legal ‘BRADY BUNCH’ STAR’s DIVORCE SHOCKER ‘what’s going on?’ starting point for the divorce negotiations.”


The extraordinary demand should give Barry much more than a hunch that his wife is going to play hardball negotiating the divorce settlement, said the pal. “Barry is a great father, and there’s no reason to worry about him being with his child. Eila wants more out of the settlement than Barry said he’s willing to pay. She’s put him on notice she’s willing to embarrass him, if need be. But they’re working things out and the demand will probably be dropped.” Repeated requests to interview Williams for his reaction were turned down, and Eila’s divorce attorney had no comment.


But the insider told The Enquirer the strain of Barry’s failed career might have contributed to the divorce. In October 2003, the entertainer tried to reinvent himself as a Vegas act. He rented a showroom at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino in order to introduce his new show – hoping ticket sales would cover the rental fee and make money. “Unfortunately, none of the entertainment bookers or talent directors that Barry hoped would show up bothered to come see him,” revealed the insider.


“The showroom holds a little under 500 people. Only about 30 showed up. “To say that Barry bombed is to put it mildly. “When something like this happens, it affects a performer personally. “Barry continues to do personal appearances and regional theater shows. But the showbiz career and success he’s tried for continues to elude him.”