ANN B. DAVIS who played the BRADY BUNCH’s housekepper ALICE has died suddenly.

Multiple reports say that she died after falling at her home.

A close friend, Episcopal Bishop William C. Frey, told media he she smashed her head after falling in her bathroom, suffering a subdural hematoma during a rough fall in a bathroom and never recovered consciousness.

Davis had been living with at a religious commune staying with a couple and from all appearances appeared to be a remarkable healthy 88 year old.

Davis became a familiar TV face after costarring on the rambunctious family sitcom "The Brady Bunch" that first appeared in 1969 on ABC and in various incarnations over the years.

Davis’ first TV break was in 1955 as a series regular on “The Bob Cummings Show” aka “Love That Bob” playing secretary Schultzie who kept the amorous Cummings, a playboy photog in line. She won Emmys for the role in 1958 & 1959 and had been nomm'ed twice before.

But to millions of TV viewers her greatest role was as the Bradys' beloved housekeeper. Adios, Ann.