TERRY BRADSHAW has a high-profile job as a football analyst on FOX TV, gobs of money, four Super Bowl rings, a great sense of humor and all the perks that go with being a famous ex-jock. But at least one woman fumbled the chance to get to know the Hall of Fame quarterback.

He went out with her recently after getting set up on a blind date. Thrice-divorced Bradshaw, 55, was chatting with the woman at a restaurant and went to touch her hand — and was called for an illegal forward pass.

“She said, ‘Don’t touch me!’ ” Bradshaw recalled. ” ‘You are everything I’m against in a man. There’s no ‘tingle,’ you’re bald, you’re not attractive, you’re Baptist, you’re divorced and you have kids!’ “

When a flabbergasted Bradshaw asked why she even bothered to go out with him in the first place, she cheerily replied: “I wanted to see what it’s like to go out with a celebrity.”

But Bradshaw got the last laugh. He immediately asked for the check, and his date had the gall to complain: “Aren’t you going to buy me dinner?”

The response: “No!”

Love may be blind, but it isn’t stupid.