A burglar raided Brad Pitt‘s hotel bedroom in Morocco while he was filming scenes from his new movie “Babel” — and made off with a box of very personal letters written by Angelina Jolie.

Brad was staying at the ultra-luxurious Amanjena Hotel in Marrakesh, where the hot couple enjoyed a romantic tryst. Sources say the theft left Brad furious about the lax security that allowed access to his bungalow at the resort where the treasured notes were kept.

“Brad read the riot act to producers, demanding that they immediately hire more security to protect him both on and off the set,” said an on-set source.

“He now has extra security at his bungalow on a 24-hour basis.”

Insiders say only the couple knows what is contained in the half-dozen letters Angelina wrote, although, given Brad’s fury, there is much speculation that they were intimate love letters.

Authorities investigating the crime found no forced entry to Brad’s bungalow.

They believe the theft was an inside job, committed by someone who had easy access to the room. The Troy star must be upset knowing a co-worker might be ruthless enough to steal from him — and that he or she could strike again.

The source added: “The damage has been done. Now his biggest fear must be that those letters will be published for the whole world to see.”

The incident mars the memory of the pair’s magical nights in Morocco.

As reported exclusively in The National Enquirer, the couple secretly flew into Marrakesh by private jet on April 30 after a romantic tryst in Kenya.