HANGOVER HUNK BRADLEY COOPER has some serious “ mommy issues”  which makes femmes flee!

Cooper dumped his latest girlfriend, Zoe Saldana, in March after three months of dating because she and his mother Gloria clashed.

So now, Bradley, 37, is giving his overprotective mom the boot because she’s ruining his love life, say sources.

With Gloria finding fault in Bradley’s previous loves, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer An­iston and Renee Zellweger, “Bradley is realizing that it’s not his girlfriends who are the problem – it’s his mom!” said a source.

“He’s finally waking up to the fact that he needs to stop being a mama’s boy if he ever wants to find lasting love.

“So, in the nicest way possible, Bradley recently suggested that maybe it’s time for Gloria to move on.”

Gloria has been staying with Bradley since his father died in early 2011, but now he’s shopping for a Los Angeles condo for her. Deep down, he’s hoping – for the sake of his love life – that she’ll ultimately decide to pack up and head back to Phila­delphia, said the source.

As soon as Zoe, 33, moved in with Bradley and Gloria, tempers flared. Gloria at­tempted to micromanage Zoe and turn her into a do­mestic goddess who tended to Bradley’s every need. She even insisted that Zoe learn to cook his favorite dish, homemade ravioli.

“Zoe couldn’t handle it,” disclosed the source. “She told Bradley it was his mom or her – and Bradley chose his mom. None of Bradley’s women want to compete with Gloria for his affections, because they know they’ll lose.

“But that’s about to change because Bradley is finally determined to put distance between him and his mother.”