A Team, Hangover star BRADLEY COOPER hopelessly attached to his mommy’s apron strings and now he’s begging her to move in with him!
Devoted son Bradley Cooper is begging his newly widowed mom to move in with him at his L.A. bachelor pad.
The 36-year-old  hunk’s father Charles died in January, and Bradley’s mom Gloria has been living by herself at the family home in Philadelphia since then.
“Brad is worried that Gloria is lonely on her own, and he desperately wants her to move to Los Angeles,” a source told The ENQUIRER.
His sister Holly also lives out of the state. “He thinks it’s a good idea for her, es¬pecially in the winter months when it’s a lot warmer.
“Brad has always been a momma’s boy, and now that he’s unattached, he thinks it would be ideal for him to move Gloria into his home.”
The brawny A-lister, has been linked with some of Hollywood’s most stunning stars including Jennifer Aniston and Renee Zellweger.
He wants his mom to get used to living in Los Angeles, said the source, and once she does, “he’s promised her she can have any condo she wants.”