Daddy BRAD PITT doesn’t want kids to see sizzling mom’s nudie cutie equestrian delight!

The actor is desperate to buy up a photo of Angelina Jolie, posing topless with a noble steed that’s nuzzling her chest!

The photograph, titled “Horseplay,” was never published after being snapped by avant-garde photographer David LaChapelle in 2001 for “Rolling Stone” magazine.

But it’s now set to headline a sale at London auction house Christie’s, where it’s expected to fetch between $38,071 and $53,330.

“Brad is prepared to pay whatever it takes to get the photo,” a source close to the star of the upcoming thriller “World War Z” told The ENQUIRER.

In the picture, then-25-year-old Angelina giddily throws back her brunette mane, show­ing off several tattoos, including a tribute to her then-husband Billy Bob Thornton, while holding the bridle of a white horse.

“Brad finds the photo of free-spirited Angie very sexy, although he’s not wild about the Billy Bob tattoo on her shoulder,” said the source.

“Brad wants to keep the photo for himself but he’s also out to protect Angelina’s new image as an A-list actress, doting mother and United Nations human rights crusader.”

The photo will be auctioned off alongside a black and white print of Angelina, 37, and Brad, 49, posing in a photo published in “W” magazine in 2005. It’s expected to sell for about $15,000.

It’s not the first time Brad was willing to shell out big bucks to protect Angelina’s image.

As The ENQUIRER recently reported, Brad was ready to spend $10 million to ensure a set of raunchy photos and a rumored sex tape that Angelina made never see the light of day.