Brad Pitt announced a plan for the construction of an environmentally-friendly housing project in New Orleans, but he needs your help! Brad hopes to have 150 homes completed by next summer with the creation of a new foundation called Make It Right.

“Right now, this is the focus, and we’re going to see this thing through,” Brad said on the Today show during a live interview from New Orleans. “This area where we’re standing right now, they lost over 5,000 [homes]. I’m hoping we can expand over to the rest of New Orleans. There’s no reason why we need to stop here. It’s just going to be if we can get the financial support to make up the difference people need to return to their homes.”

In addition to the $5 million Brad is donating out of his own pocket toward the rebuilding effort, the 43-year-old actor is asking for donations.

“This is an adopt-a-house campaign,” Brad said. “I’m asking for foundations, for high net-worth individuals, for church groups, for corporations to come in to adopt a home. Basically, $150,000 will get a family back in their home.”

For more ways to help, go to, where adopting a dual-flush toilet or a ceiling fan can contribute towards the completion of a home for a family in need.