Humanitarian Brad Pitt says he doesn’t have any plans to run for office, but his friend George Clooney would make a good politician! “George should do it! He’d be quite good,” Pitt tells Parade magazine. He would also vote for another famous Hollywood dad, should he enter politics. “I think Ben Affleck should run,” Pitt said.

Pitt also made it clear that his partner, Angelina Jolie, isn’t the reason he does charity work. “That’s idiotic! I do it because I’m a member of the human race,” he says.

“In Africa you see people on the street dying from AIDS, children left without parents. We’re all cells of one body, with the same emotions and desires for our families — for a little dignity and a chance for a better life. Let’s focus on that! I believe in the founding principles of America. I want to fight for that. I know most Americans feel the same way.”