BRAD & BILL HANGIN’ @ THE UN thumbnail

Brad Pitt’s got a new party buddy – ex Prez Bill Clinton.

Brad copped an award from the U.S. Green Building Council at Clinton’s eco-awareness summit at the UN Clinton Global Initiative for his work in New Orleans following the Katrina disaster.

The council praised Pitt’s foundation Make it Right  for creating the "largest and greenest single-family community in the world".

"Our criteria from the beginning were at odds, to say the least, "Pitt said.

"We demanded that these homes be sustainable, that they have aesthetic qualities … that they be storm resilient and take safety in mind of the families who live there and that they would be affordable.

"All we did was put the right people together and answer the problems as they came along and that is why we’re here today."

The Fight Club brawler, Brangie Brood dad, Angie BF and now Bill buddy, plans to have 150 more green homes ready for occupancy in 2010.