Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are getting on with their personal lives – they were both spotted out with others during the first week of February. “Brad and Jen are clearly moving on,” a source close to the couple declared. “I’m sure they’ll continue to consult each other about their film production company and other business interests, but they’re no longer a couple.” Neither is spending time at the Beverly Hills mansion that took almost two years to refurbish. Jennifer has been seen at her old house in the Hollywood Hills, and Brad is staying with friends. Jennifer was the first to step out in public. On Wednesday night, February 2, she spent time with “Dodgeball” star Vince Vaughn at the Peninsula Hotel. Vince was later seen escorting a smiling Jennifer through the lobby and giving her a kiss as she jumped into a vehicle. “Jennifer discussed the possibility of an upcoming film project with Vince, and I’m sure she mixed a little pleasure with the business,” said the close source. “His charm is not lost on Jennifer, who has always found him handsome and hysterically funny. He has a reputation as a partyer and ladies’ man, but Jennifer doesn’t mind. For now, she likes spending time with him. “Jennifer has also been spending a lot of time with hunky hairdresser Chris McMillan. He’s a longtime friend and was responsible for giving Jen her famous ‘Rachel’ hairdo back in the mid-’90s.” Then on Friday afternoon, February 4, Brad and his pretty brunette assistant joined another lady friend at Massimo’s gelato parlor in the Venice area of Los Angeles. “Brad sat at a table, gabbing and laughing with two women,” an insider disclosed. “He seemed like a footloose single guy, relaxing, snacking and enjoying the company of two women. “On their way out, Brad ordered the flavor of the month gelato – caramel apple – to go and the brunette ordered chocolate. “Brad and the assistant then got into her new silver Volkswagen with their frosty Italian treats and drove away.” Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie was spotted in L.A. having ice cream earlier in the week with the real man in her life – her 3-year-old son Maddox.