BURT WARD – who played Robin the Boy Wonder on the beloved ’60s TV show “Batman” – has gone from caped crusader to canine crusader!

The former sidekick to actor Adam West now operates a res­cue shelter with his wife Tracy for dogs in Norco, Calif. They also sell an all-natural dog food that Ward claims gives pooches an 18- to 21-year lifespan.

“My dog food is a special com­bination that’s dry and low-fat,” Ward, 67, told The ENQUIRER. “We go through 600 pounds a day to feed our dogs, and they only have to go to the vet once every three years, just for their regular shots!”

Ward added that he doesn’t make any money from his dog food or the shelter, saying: “This is a charity. We’re simply giving back to society.”

At least 50 tail-waggers live with the couple at any given time. That includes 45 different breeds, ranging from tiny lap dogs to 295-pound giants.

His Gentle Giants dog food – touted as “specially formulated all-natural world-class canine cuisine” – is sold in Walmart, and Ward is now touring to promote the product – and himself.

Fans who cough up the cash for a bag of Gentle Giants get a free autographed photo of Ward as Robin, plus the chance to have their picture taken in the famed Batmobile.

“The main purpose is to in­troduce people to Gentle Giants dog food,” said Ward, who also peddles the product at www.

And he’s prepping to return to TV – but without his red, yellow and green Robin costume.

“I’m getting ready to do a pilot for a series about our dog rescue,” Ward said. “We’ll show how we save dogs and find them loving homes.”