UK jury convicts Boy George.

The troubled 80s pop star was found guilty of falsely imprisoning a Norwegian male escort.

Boy aka George O’Dowd allegedly had restrained Audun Carlson with handcuffs and had swung a metal chain after he fled the Culture Club’s flat after a mutual male nude photo shop.

George had admitted to cuffing the male prostie while he investigating his tampering of his PC, believing the escort had removed photos of the two taken by the singer when they rendezvoused previously.

The London judge said jail time was very likely for the gay icon.

It’s not Boy George’s first legal debacle.  Two years ago he had plead guilty to coke possession after falsely reporting a burglary at his NY apartment.  He got community service – cleaning NYC streets.

 He’s due back for sentencing January 16. Don’t think he’ll be sweeping chimneys in London.