"Karma Chameleon" singer Boy George has been banned in the US.

The Department of Immigration denied issuing a visa because George, 48, faces trial in London on charges of false imprisonment.

George O’Dowd
a.k.a. Boy George was charged last November with a false imprisonment following a complaint from a 28-year-old man in East London April 2007, UK police stated.

The singer is free on unconditional bail and is not barred from traveling, having scheduled a series of US club dates during the summer.

"George is astounded at the decision and is having his lawyers here in the States look at it in the hope that someone will change their mind," his management said in an issued statement.

George was hoping to perform for the New York City Department of Sanitation workers to thank them for his treatment while fulfilling street cleaning duties stemming from a community service sentence.

Guess Immigration honchos do really want to hurt him . . .