RYAN GOSLING and EVA MENDES’ plans to get hitched hit a snag after Ryan became Eva’s boss and now the Hollywood lovebirds are wishing they’d never agreed to work together!

Hunky Ryan, 32, is directing his 39-year-old Latina squeeze Eva in his directorial debut, “How To Catch a Monster,” spending the spring filming on location in Detroit. He’s gone out of his way not to give his gorgeous girlfriend any special treatment on the set, but sources say he’s gone overboard.

“Ryan’s been harder on Eva than any of the other actors in the film,” said a friend. “He’s ordered multiple takes of her scenes. Eva is going along with it, but she can’t help asking herself, ‘Is he just doing this to show he’s in charge?’

“I think they both realize now it would have been better for Ryan to go it alone on this film, and for Eva to just visit him on the set.”

Ryan and Eva have been together since they met while filming “The Place Beyond the Pines” nearly two years ago, and had planned to marry in the fall, says the friend. But those plans may be on hold because of recent tensions between them.

Making matters worse, Ryan’s still convinced Eva has a crush on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star Larry David! As we recently reported, Ryan hit the roof after Eva accidentally sent the chrome-domed comic a gushing text – that was meant for someone else.

“Ryan had the best of intentions working with Eva,” the friend added, “but it’s made his directing debut much harder than it should have been.”