HARRY POTTER star DANIEL RADCLIFFE has fallen off the wagon – and now friends are urging him to go to rehab before it’s too late!

The former hard-partying British hunk had two hard-earned years of sobriety until he began hitting the bottle about a month ago, culminating in a drunken argu­ment with a DJ at a New York City club, say sources.

“In my opinion, Daniel’s back where he started,” a concerned pal told The ENQUIRER. “When he drinks, he gets carried away, and that’s exactly what happened to him in New York.”

According to the source, Daniel was “knocking back Jagerbombs” – shots of the liqueur Jagermeister dropped in a glass of Red Bull energy drink – before the dustup that got him kicked out of the club.

“It didn’t take too long for a buzzed Daniel to start dancing around and becoming the life of the party,” the source said. “He’s not a mean drunk, but even happy drunks step over the line – and that’s what he seemed to do.

“Daniel was whooping and hollering and bullied the DJ into playing a Dusty Springfield song.

“When the DJ told him to chill, Daniel gave him a hard time, and that’s when the management threw him out.”

Daniel, 23, who shot to fame playing boy wizard Harry Pot­ter in the popular film franchise, admitted he had a drinking prob­lem and gave up booze in 2010.

“He knows he shouldn’t drink, so this incident was an eye-opening relapse,” said the source. “Daniel is very embarrassed and even considered going back to the club to apologize.”

While Daniel has vowed not to drink over the holidays, his close friends are urging him to take even more drastic measures.

Said the source: “They want him to get into an established booze rehab – and cut out drinking for good.”